Radio show announcement

We have another radio show. For years Paul Vojchehoske and I (Jeremy Aspen) hosted several radio shows, some about real estate, some about politics. We’ve endeavored to do it again on a local radio station and it’s been great. Lots of good information for anyone interested in everything real estate, from investment opportunities to buying your own home. The main hosts are Paul Vojchehosek from Nebraska Realty and Richard Smith from Wistar Group (Fka: CPM). It really is a fun show. Tune in every Saturday morning at 11:00 KCRO 106.5 FM and 660 AM.

What the future holds for multifamily housing, Omaha.

Freddie Mac reports on the status of multifamily dwellings each year. 2016 enjoyed a lot of growth in the number of new units brought to market although there are signs it’s cooling. So we aren’t much in the new development realm, but that isn’t to say it doesn’t affect us to some extent. The past year has shown signs of developers looking for repositioning opportunities. That is, outlaying enough capital to change the quality of a property from “C” class to “B” class, or up to “A” class even. Specifically my take in this Omaha market is that buildings that … More

Our business has moved: 3219 Leavenworth St

If you are looking for us don’t go to 5015 Dodge St anymore. We’re changing a lot of things around here…not just the name, but where we actually work. Originally we’d planned to move to 3152 Leavenworth St, but due to several circumstances that culminated in sweeping the time from under my feed, a friend of mine, Jerry, offered to let us rent his building. It’s ended up being a fantastic place and we cannot wait to share it with you our customers, clients, vendors and especially our staff. Look forward to seeing you in our new digs.

Name change is official: Wistar Group Property Management

Today the new trade name (Wistar Group) we will be operating under was published in the Midland’s Business Journal. So, very soon we will have the logo prepared and ready to start displaying, which will be perfect timing with our new office coming online next week at 3219 Leavenworth St. We’re really looking forward to this new chapter of our growing business and onboarding some new products. Stay tuned.

Closed due to weather conditions

Our front office will be closed today due to an ice storm, that will apparently become rain, then freeze and maybe even some snow. Maintenance will be done if possible. Anyway, probably not good to have people driving around in. Stay home if you can, drive safely if you can’t.   Wistar Group

2017 brings new laws for the industry. Bad news? No, not really.

New laws come and rarely ever go, like for instance the whaling law in Nebraska? I have my doubts about that, but regardless the point is that laws are something we have to be prepared for in this industry whether you are a “mom-n-pop” landlord or a professional property manager…it’s important and consequential. This year brings with it one law that will effect all of us here in Nebraska. It’s something I’d reported back in October 2015 (Carbon Monoxide Law, Good, Bad & the Ugly). Then WOWT Channel 6 did this story, which lays it out very nicely.   This is … More

Firefighters don’t just put out fires.

Just another December day at the office running a company and putting out my own kind of fires when my assistant chimes in with “firefighters on the phone for you.” And just to frame the tone a bit, when a company like ours who manage >1000 homes hears that sentence the default physical and emotional response is nerve wracking, especially considering a recent event we suffered as a company; the loss of Clara Bender. But a couple seconds into that call and any worry was quickly supplanted with more than just a feeling of being at ease, but even better. My reaction … More

Reframe Change, it’s not what you think.

Change management is a complicated endeavor. The stress of it, all the time it takes, the seemingly endless steps that go into doing it right; and that it sometimes fails… The whole thing, it seems, is just about not worth the hassle. We end up “why bothering” ourselves into paralysis and stagnation. The reason small businesses fail isn’t all that often attributable to changes the company undertook, but rather that the leadership or their staff was weary to change at all. And frankly the word “change” pierces a layer of comfort we’d prefer in our daily lives. ‘Change’ contributes to an … More

Investment Expectations for Single Family Homes

Being in this business as long as we have it is easy to recall some pretty amazing things that happen; anything from watching newlyweds get their first home to finding dead bodies, from funny late excuses to sad and legitimate reasons people can’t pay their bills. We, property managers, see it all. One of the more common problems we have with a particular subset of investors is that they may not have gotten into the business for the investment, but rather of necessity. For instance maybe a divorce renders a home useless to the family unit and maybe they can’t … More

Cheap Equals Cheap

The allure of investment properties is this: buy an investment property with little or no money down and have a tenant pay rent, which will generate enough cash flow to cover the mortgage payment.  At the end of the mortgage term, your property will have paid for itself and you have a very valuable asset! In theory, this is exactly how an investment property should work. The problem comes when an investor buys  a “cheap” property due to the low upfront cost. Surprisingly, this mistake is quite easy to make. The owner has a little extra money saved up and … More